Messenger Duo for WhatsApp. Easiest way to connect WhatsApp, protect conversation and set chat reminder.
Dual chat: enables you to use 2 different accounts on the same device: one of them personal, the other for business.
Separate your
Work & Private Life
Protect your privacy and make calls and texts without giving away your REAL phone number.
Get a local number in hundreds of US area codes.
Call & Text
Free texting between Parcly users and cheaper
calling rates between Parcly users.
Send picture and
voice messages, too!
Parcly supports international calling and texting, SMS and MMS
capability and much more!
Call Recorder,
Block Calls
Parcly app is the second phone number app for texting and
calling. Parcly gives you a personal and business second phone
number, integrated reverse phone number lookup, phone call
recording, lookup anonymous caller, and private texting
and calling.
Local number for
60+ countries
Get a second or multiple US,UK,Canada and international phone
numbers for calling and texting. Choose your own vanity
numbers for your various everyday needs such as buying
and selling, home office, dating, sales, and others without
giving away your personal number.
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